Week 5: What’s cooking?

In Week 5, we looked at ingredients found in peanut butter cookies like flour, peanuts, sugar, salt, and egg(shell)s! Check out the recipes linked below.

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10 thoughts on “Week 5: What’s cooking?

  1. Sugar and salt look so similar looking at it with the human eye but under the scanning electron Microscope, they look very different!! That is soo cool!

  2. This was a great presentation! I had a light microscope when I was younger as well. I remember always wanting to see objects through an electron microscope when I got older. Seeing the small properties of different objects is fascinating. At first I thought the image at the beginning of the show was flour, because of how circular the grains were. I also didn’t expect sugar to have a more lozenge-shaped structure compared to salt. Thank you for a wonderful stream!

    • It really is amazing how common ingredients all look like white powder to us, and how different they can look at the nano/micro-scale. Thank you for tuning in!

  3. Hello. I am Jacob and I am 10 years old. I would love to see germs and skin cells under a microscope. I wanted you to put your finger under the microscope so I could see those things too!

    • Hello, Jacob! Thank you for tuning in to our show! We are so glad you could join. Maybe we can look at these in an upcoming episode. Skin cells/shedded skin will be easy to get but we have to be extra careful with germs so Dr. Holly doesn’t get herself or June the Science dog sick 🙂

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