Week 6: Roar! No claws for concern

In Week 6, we looked at hair from humans, dogs, and three big cats: Nakobi the cougar, Mama the serval, and Riley the tiger. Big thanks to Carolina Tiger Rescue and Katie Cannon for guest hosting. We asked Katie several questions about Carolina Tiger Rescue and the animals during and after the show. Check out the Q&A with Katie here.

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12 thoughts on “Week 6: Roar! No claws for concern

  1. So is hair completely made out of dead skin cells or is it simply the outside structure?

  2. I have never looked at hair so in depth like this! Learn something new every day!

  3. this is cool! I’ve never got to see hair under a scanning electron microscope. its cool to see how hair has different structures but i can’t feel them.

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