Educator-developed Lesson Plans

As a part of the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program, educators develop novel lesson plans based on research projects they conduct in university labs.

  • Nano Days: In this lesson, students create and design a children’s book or art piece about nanoparticles that they then present to their community during a “Nano Science Night.”
  • Brass Penny and X-ray Analysis: In this lesson, students make a brass penny and explore phase diagrams and x-ray analysis data to determine the phases of brass present in a similar brass penny.
  • One in a Billion: This lesson builds on student’s understanding of scale for very small items or measurements.
  • NANOlympics: In this lesson, students learn about the concepts and challenges associated with nanotechnology. Students compete in groups with five different challenges.
  • Nano Scale: The purpose of this lesson is to help students conceptualize scale before students learn about the many instruments that scientists use to quantify and measure in the nano world.
  • Nano Mystery: This lesson provides a unique inquiry into one nano mystery called the Lotus Effect and includes one activity, one lab, and one very special presentation from an Atomic Force Microscope of the Elephant Ear plant.
  • The Photoelectron Spectrum: In this lesson, students explore qualitative applications of the photoelectron spectrum and how it is correlated using Coulomb’s Law