Zoom Links for Breakout Rooms – Nanotechnology for Food and Nutrition Security

Your feedback is critical to shaping the future of shared, open-access facilities to support food and nutrition security. During the event, we will save a text transcript of everything that is said in Breakout Rooms 1 (Water and Fertilizer), 2 (Crops and Animals), 3 (Pests and Pathogens), and 4 (Food Products). No names will be included in the transcript. The content of the transcripts will be analyzed and used to write a workshop report. To use the transcripts in this manner, we need your informed consent. Breakout Room 5 will discuss all of these topics, but a transcript will not be saved. Informed consent is not required to participate in Room 5.

We appreciate your expertise and invite you to participate in a study related to food and nutrition security. For this research project, we will use the transcripts of the discussions from our virtual meeting to identify key trends and concerns in the field. Please read the following consent form to learn more about the study. Your participation will help the scientific community to define research limitations and scope future research, instrumentation, and facility needs in food and nutrition security. Please keep in mind that your participation is voluntary, i.e., you do not have to participate in the study in order to participate in the meeting.

Review the informed consent document here

Zoom links for the Breakout Rooms will be emailed to you upon completion of the form below. Note: The email sender will be ITECS-Wordpress (itecs-wordpress@ncsu.edu). Please contact Maude Cuchiara (maude_cuchiara@ncsu.edu) if you do not receive an email.