Biosensors and Force Measurements in Living Cells

The Chapel Hill Analytical and Nanofabrication Laboratory (CHANL) will host a workshop discussing how and why forces are applied to cells experimentally as well as how responses to these forces are measured using fluorescence-based biosensors, a combined Atomic Force Microscopy, AFM, -optical microscope system combined with vertical light sheet, and magnetic tweezers. In the mornings, participants will hear lectures about various techniques used to apply and measure forces within and generated by cells as well as image analysis tools. In the afternoons, participants will receive hands-on experience with different techniques including AFM, total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy, and magnetic force systems.

More information and a detailed schedule can be found on the event website. Click here to register. Registration fee includes lab supplies, light breakfasts and snacks, and one dinner. Workshop is limited to 18 participants.