Celebrate National Nanotechnology Day!

National Nanotechnology Day will be held on October 9, 2018. In the spirit of the day, RTNN invites you to “Explore Nano” at the Chapel Hill Public Library. Visitors will participate in a variety of hands-on nano-themed activities.

The National Nanotechnology Coordinating Office (NNCO) is spearheading the celebration, which includes a variety of community-led events and activities to raise awareness of the significance and importance of nanotechnology. Visit the NNCO website to learn about nano themed events occurring across the country.

More details regarding these events can be found here.

RTNN Researchers Headline RTP180 Event

Last week, three RTNN faculty members highlighted the monthly RTP 180° event: Tori Miller (NC State), Daphne Klotsa (UNC), and Claudia Gunsch (Duke). RTP 180° is held at The Frontier and features people from triangle universities, local companies, and the community at-large who take the stage to speak passionately about what matters to them. Drs. Miller, Klotsa, and Gunsch related their work in nano to a packed house. Dr. Klotsa kicked off the evening, highlighting her work in modeling nanoparticle packing. Dr. Gunsch emphasized the importance in studying the unintended effects of silver nanoparticles in the environment. Dr. Miller closed the evening talks, giving an overview of her work in metallurgy.

If you missed the opportunity to see the event live, you can see a recording of the event here.


RTP 180°, Nanotechnology

Come hear from three RTNN faculty members at the next RTP 180° event: Tori Miller (NC State), Daphne Klotsa (UNC), and Claudia Gunsch (Duke). At RTP 180°, speakers from our triangle universities, local companies, and the community at-large take the stage to speak passionately about what matters to them. Come join us and partake of free beer and smarts — the show starts at 6:00 pm, but doors open at 5:00 pm if you want to come test the (always local) taps.

November’s RTP 180 topic is Nanotechnology. An entire world exists all around us at the tiniest level. Now more than ever before, we can harness technologies and research to functionally operate at what was once such an unimaginable scale. Join us as we explore some of the applications of nanotechnology here in the Triangle and beyond. So grab your carbon nanotube (ok… you can’t actually do that) and be a part of one of the most miniscule RTP180 topics ever.

The event is free but you must register.

RTP 180° | The Sum of the Triangle