Week 8: Under the sea

In Week 8, our friends at SDNI (San Diego Nanotechnology Infrastructure) guest hosted the show. We took a closer look at a lot of cool things like shark skin, diatoms, and more! Watch the video and see the SEM image library linked below to find more images from under the sea.

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Week 7: Here be dragons

In Week 7, we took a closer look at dragonflies. We also chatted with guest host, Dr. Josh Rose, after the show. Check out the Q&A with Josh here.

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Week 6: Roar! No claws for concern

In Week 6, we looked at hair from humans, dogs, and three big cats: Nakobi the cougar, Mama the serval, and Riley the tiger. Big thanks to Carolina Tiger Rescue and Katie Cannon for guest hosting. We asked Katie several questions about Carolina Tiger Rescue and the animals during and after the show. Check out the Q&A with Katie here.

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Week 5: What’s cooking?

In Week 5, we looked at ingredients found in peanut butter cookies like flour, peanuts, sugar, salt, and egg(shell)s! Check out the recipes linked below.

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Week 4: Say it, don’t spray it

In Week 4, we looked at different types of textiles including materials used in face masks and other protective clothing. Phillip Strader co-hosted the show and shared his expertise.

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