Special Topics in TEM: EELS Workshop

NC State’s Analytical Instrumentation Facility (AIF) is giving a series of courses/workshops on various techniques in electron microscopy, which will focus on fundamental principles, data acquisition, and data processing/analysis. The first workshop in the Spring of 2017 is about Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS). The following topics will be covered in this workshop:

  1. Fundamentals of EELS
  2. Practical setup of EELS acquisition
  3. EELS spectra processing and analysis
  4. Quantification of EELS
  5. Advanced EELS techniques (brief introduction, a following workshop focus on advanced techniques will be open soon)

To ensure each participant receives a maximum of time, the workshop will be limited to 6 participants. For more details and to register, please contact Dr. Yang Liu at his email yliu78@ncsu.edu. Registration costs: $50 for academic, government, and non-profit participants; $350 for industry participants.

RTNN users win awards at Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting

RTNN congratulates Houston Dycus, Dr. Jim LeBeau, and Matt Cabral for their recent awards at the 2016 Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting. Dycus (left picture), LeBeau, and Cabral (right picture) are all in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at NC State. Dycus and LeBeau were awarded the best paper in the Microscopy and Microanalysis Journal (Materials Science Category) for their paper: Accurate nanoscale crystallography in real-space using scanning transmission electron microscopy.” Dycus also received the best poster award for his work, “Resolving Atomic Scale Chemistry and Structure at NO and Ba Passivated SiC/SiO2 Interfaces.” Cabral won a Student Scholar award for his contribution entitled: Direct Observation 
of Local Chemistry and Local Cation Displacements in the Relaxor Ferroelectric PMN-PT.”