A Giant Tool to See the Tiniest Things

The cryo-TEM housed in Duke’s Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility was recently featured in Duke’s Research News. This instrument helps researchers resolve the complex structures of proteins. The cryo-TEM can capture hundreds of thousands of images of these small molecules, and power software is employed to reconstruct the structures in three-dimensions. To learn more, read the full news article.

Advances in Protein Purification

Attendees will learn about the latest advances in protein purification technologies.

If you are a researcher or involved in the discovery or processing of protein based biologicals or antibodies in human or multi-species appplications, this event would be of interest.

Your Presenters:

  • Dr. Stefano Menegatti, NC State University
  • Dr. Tee Bordelon, CSO LigaTrap Technologies

Please join us for complimentary lunch and stimulating conversation. Register here.