Appalachian Regional Microscopy Society (AReMS) Fall Conference

AReMS meets annually with an invigorating program of technical talks, vendor displays, work shops and social activities. They have interest in microscopy of any type including optical, electron, ion and scanned probe microscopies.

Tutorials will be held on Monday, with a banquet Monday Evening. Talks will take place on Tuesday. For more information, to register, and to view an agenda, please visit the event website.

Raman Spectroscopy Tutorial

Raman Spectroscopy has gained much attention in the past 25 years as a material analytics and diagnostics method, often used as a complement to diffraction or electron microscopy techniques. This interest is triggered by Raman being a (mostly) non-destructive measurement that can be obtained with easy-to-use, tabletop equipment. The Raman signal is a type of inelastic scattering from molecular or crystal vibrations, and as such it is a fingerprint of the state the solid assumes. Any changes in composition, phase, mechanical properties (among others) would in fact leave a trace in the Raman spectral signature.

The course is organized as follows: The theory of Raman spectroscopy is first detailed, focusing on the identification and assignment of Raman vibrations. Then, information on Raman spectroscopic equipment and their working principles is given, including details on spectral fitting procedures. Finally, the course is completed by several examples of application of Raman spectroscopy on ceramic, semiconductor and polymeric samples.

For more information and to register, please visit the event website.