Nanotechnology Workshop for Community College Educators

RTNN is hosting a free nanotechnology workshop for community college educators at UNC-Chapel Hill on August 8-9, 2017. The workshop is open to educators from all backgrounds though it will focus on the incorporation of nanotechnology and nanoscience into basic science curricula, such as chemistry and physics. Participants will receive an overview on nanotechnology, learn more about specific characterization instruments and how they function, and discover how nanotechnology plays a role in applications across a variety of fields. The workshop will include hands-on activities to expose participants to tools and techniques with the facility. Participants will work with technical experts to characterize and analyze real world samples in university labs. A detailed agenda will be posted shortly. (2016 Workshop agenda available here.) Support funding is available to participants for costs associated with travel. To apply for funding, please visit the support funding page.

Please submit the registration form to register for the workshop. The registration deadline is July 28, 2017. Hurry, space is limited!

Questions/concerns can be directed to