National Nanotechnology Day Image Contest: Plenty of Beauty at the Bottom

In celebration of National Nanotechnology Day in October, the RTNN and the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) are hosting the Plenty of Beauty at the Bottom image contest. Referencing Richard Feynman’s 1959 lecture, There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom, this image contest celebrates the beauty of the micro and nanoscale.

Submissions will be accepted from individuals or teams in a variety of categories. Images must have been acquired using instruments in RTNN facilities or be a result of data acquired using instruments in RTNN facilities within the past year. The winning submission will be featured on the RTNN website and entered into the wider NNCI Image Competition. This year’s winners will be recognized at an Awards Dinner on October 15, 2019. Winners of the NNCI competition will have their images printed and framed and receive an award for conference travel!

  • Most Stunning – beautiful images can use false color but the original image details should not be altered. Colorization of the image is not required for submission.
  • Most Unique Capability – show off something that makes RTNN facilities stand out.
  • Most Whimsical (visual illusion in art; for example, adding a boat to an SEM image that looks like the ocean)

The submission deadline has passed. Check out this year’s winners, and vote for your favorite images on the NNCI site.

Note: Submitted images may be used by the RTNN and/or NNCI for promotional purposes. Your submission implies you have full author rights to submitted images and agree to give consent to the RTNN and NNCI for use of images.

If you have questions, please contact the RTNN at