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Employment Opportunities

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Employment Opportunities

Director of operations at NC State’s Nanofabrication Facility

The NC State Nanofabrication Facility (NNF) is now accepting applications for a Director of Operations. This is a non-tenure track position with preference for semiconductor processing background and experience in statistical process control, managing and maintaining equipment and supervising technicians. The Director is expected to interact with senior faculty on a peer to peer basis. Experience or exposure in writing proposals is preferred to assist NC State faculty members in being more competitive in writing research grants that utilize the facility and to increase industry use of the facility. For a complete job description and to apply, see the online job posting.

Specialty Trades Technician- Electronics at NC State’s Nanofabrication Facility

The NC State Nanofabrication Facility (NNF) is now accepting applications for a full-time electronics technician. This position is responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing and improving electronic systems in the facility. This could include RF Power Supplies, Hi-Voltage Power Supplies, matching networks, and system drivers. This position will be asked to perform other support tasks including connecting new tools to the electronic login system, replacing gas bottles, ordering supplies, executing improvements to the lab safety infrastructure, and facility clean-ups. For a complete job description and to apply, see the online job posting.

Scientist/Engineer at SMArt material Solutions

Smart Material Solutions, a nanotechnology start-up, is seeking to fill two new positions to help in the development of their nanocoining process. Nanocoining is a novel manufacturing process that can rapidly cover a metal surface with features that are smaller than the wavelength of visible light (< 300 nm). The features can give a surface anti-reflective and enhanced/non-wetting or self-cleaning properties. These positions will include a wide range of tasks beyond just the technical, including business development, customer interaction, and proposal writing. More information can be found here.

Research Scientist at the University of washington

This position will perform advanced technical and organizational work using knowledge and experience that will support the vision and goals of the Institute for Nano-engineered Systems (NanoES) and the overarching National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) network. The position will manage research projects and will assist with the writing of grant proposals under the guidance of Director Karl Böhringer and/or other NanoES and NNCI affiliated faculty. This position will need to understand the technical aspects of preparing proposals and be familiar with the technical focus areas of NanoES and NNCI, such as integrated photonics, bio-nano interfaces, advanced energy materials and devices, and scalable micro and nano fabrication techniques. The position will develop and implement communication strategies that increase external awareness of the mission of NanoES and NNCI, and represent the Institute and the Network within UW and at external events. A more detailed description of this opportunity can be found here.

Research Associate at Northwestern University

Northwestern University Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility (NUFAB) is seeking qualified and motivated applicants to work in its new multimillion dollar, state-of-the-art 6000 ft2 cleanroom facility.  The selected candidate will have the opportunity to develop professionally and contribute in many ways, including: developing processes on newly acquired microfabrication equipment, training and assisting graduate students, post-docs, and external users of the facility, and interacting with the NUFAB staff and faculty. The successful candidate will develop a career path at Northwestern University with the possibility of becoming research faculty, a position that will enable submission and management of equipment acquisition and/or development projects, as well as mentoring of students and post-docs working under those projects. More information about this position can be found here. To apply, please email CV and Research Statement (1 page) to: nufab@northwestern.edu.

Student Opportunities

Graduate Student Staff (Peer-to-Peer Network)

The RTNN will be setting up a Peer-to-Peer Network Graduate Student Staff program. Graduate Student Staff will work with distance-use students to run samples and communicate through a real-time visual web link (e.g., Skype, WebEx) with a mail exchange of samples. Graduate student staff will be supported with a stipend supplement. Check back for more information and specific opportunities.

Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (RTNN REU+)

The inaugural summer of our Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU+) program was in 2016. Students will participate in nanotechnology-related research at one of the RTNN partner universities with follow-on at students’ home institutions in the year following the summer program. Visit our REU page for more information and applications.

Free Facility Access

RTNN Kickstarter Program

In order to further our mission to serve as a hub of cutting-edge nanotechnology innovation and education, the RTNN has established a means to allow members of the nanotechnology and greater scientific communities, who would otherwise not have the financial resources, to use RTNN facilities. Visit our Kickstarter page for more information and an application form. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis with two priority deadlines per year.


RTNN Awards

The RTNN awards serve to recognize researchers conducting collaborative research across the network as well as students who have devoted their time and energy to education and outreach activities. Visit the awards page for more information.