Nanotechnology Educational Resources

The Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO) is a non-profit, worldwide professional society comprised of individuals and institutions that are engaged in:

  • Research and development of sustainable nanotechnology
  • Implications of nanotechnology for Environment, Health, and Safety
  • Advances in nanoscience, methods, protocols and metrology
  • Education and understanding of sustainable nanotechnology
  • Applications of nanotechnology for sustainability

SNO’s purpose is to provide a professional society forum to advance knowledge in all aspects of sustainable nanotechnology, including both applications and implications.

The Nano-Link Center is a consortium of universities with a goal of promoting nanotechnology education by providing comprehensive resources for students and educators. The following can be utilized with this resource:

  • Providing nano savvy technicians to industry through 2 year A.A.S. degree programs.
  • Mentoring and supporting colleges with nano based survey courses, diploma and certificate programs.
  • Providing modularized educational content for grades K-14 with experiment materials – sponsored by the National Science Foundation through the Nano-Link grant.
  • Providing Hands-On Educator Workshops – Sponsored by the National Science Foundation through the Nano-Link grant – at no cost.