Welcome Dr. Phil Barletta!

We are excited to welcome Dr. Phil Barletta to the RTNN! Dr. Barletta will serve as Director of Operations for NC State’s Nanofabrication Facility (NNF). Dr. Barletta is a graduate of NC State (Ph.D. ‘06, M.S. ’99) who has spent the majority of the past decade at RTI International, where he was focused on the MOCVD growth of Bi2Te3-based thin-film materials and the processing, packaging, and testing of record-breaking Bi2Te3-based thin-film thermoelectric devices.  During his career, Dr. Barletta has also studied bulk thermoelectrics, photovoltaics, long-wavelength IR detection, and solid-state lighting. His diverse research background includes publications regarding thermoelectrics, III-V material growth, and diamond-like carbon.

Dr. Barletta is eager to start improving and expanding the capabilities of NNF and is looking forward to successful collaborations with all of RTNN in the coming months and years.  He can be reached by phone (919-513-1976) or email (pbarlet@ncsu.edu).