New Papers Published on Responsible Innovation of Nanotechnology in Food and Agriculture

RTNN collaborators Maude Cuchiara and Khara Grieger, among others, have published two new papers in NanoImpact addressing topics on responsible innovation for nano-agrifoods, as well as insights on barriers to responsible innovation from a study of US experts, stakeholders, and developers:

Responsible innovation of nano-agrifoods: Insights and views from U.S. stakeholders

  • Stakeholder views of responsible innovation and nano-agrifoods were investigated

  • Views were dominated by environmental, health, and safety contexts.

  • A subset of views emphasized a broader set of responsible innovation considerations.

  • Challenges included lack of safety studies, regulation, and public understanding and acceptance.

  • Future work should broaden considerations for responsible nano-agrifood innovation.

Barriers to responsible innovation of nanotechnology applications in food and agriculture: A study of US experts and developers


  • This study reports the first typology of barriers to responsible innovation as perceived by researchers and product developers working in nano-agrifood sectors.

  • Identified 5 key barriers: Lack of Data, Need for Ensuring Marketability & Use, Lack of Product Oversight, Need for Increased Collaboration, and Lack of Adequate Training & Workforce.

  • Elucidates tensions between theoretical values inscribed within responsible innovationand the practical R&D within nano-agrifood sectors.

  • Identifies opportunities to improve practices and process of responsible innovation across these innovation phases as they pertain to nano-agrifood sectors.