Maude Cuchiara Wins Outstanding Extension and Engagement Award

Maude Cuchiara assists a child with microscopy at the Museum of Life and Science

The RTNN congratulates Associate Director Maude Cuchiara for earning one of NC State’s Outstanding Extension and Engagement Awards. The award recognizes Maude’s extensive contributions to RTNN’s outreach mission over the past five years. During this time, she worked with RTNN colleagues to develop RTNN’s Coursera course, start the RTNN Student Ambassadors program, pilot outreach to libraries and museums in rural North Carolina, launch Take-out Science during the COVID-19 pandemic, and secure RET and REU site awards. Through these efforts, the RTNN has made a substantial impact on thousands of program participants around the world.

Week 15, Halloween Treats

To celebrate Halloween, in Week 15, we’ll take a closer look at a variety of treats. Want to look at your favorite candy? Let us know by email (, via Twitter (@RTNNsocial) or Facebook, or in the comments section below.

Join us live on Thursday, October 29th at noon (Eastern). If the stream below is not working, please go to YouTube directly:

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Take-out Science Relaunch on National Nanotechnology Day

SEM image

Join us for a special Take-out Science Session as we celebrate National Nanotechnology Day on October 9th. We will give a quick introduction to length scales and nanotechnology, find out more about a clean room, and observe various samples on our scanning electron microscope. We will go live at 1 pm (EDT). Submit your nano-inspired questions for our experts in the comments section below or email us at

Abby Carbone Inspires the Next Generation of Nanotechnologists

Former RTNN Student Ambassador and NC State alumna Abby Carbone, recently joined the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) on the “Stories from the NNI” podcast to discuss her passion for science outreach. “Stories from the NNI” is a podcast where researchers and innovators discuss their work at the nanoscale, the challenges they’ve faced, and how they’ve connected with the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI).

Week 12: Audience samples

In Week 12, we’ll look at samples that you’ve sent us. Phillip Strader (pictured left) will lead us as we explore these samples. If you have any questions for us or want to see something in particular, let us know via email (, Twitter (@RTNNsocial) or Facebook, or in the comments section below.

Instead of YouTube this week, we’ll be using Zoom. Please join the meeting here. Contact RTNN ( ) if you have trouble joining. We’ll post the video to YouTube after the live show.

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